Friday, 8 November 2013

شاعری در خونش است

عاشق آدم های این مدلی ام:ا

He started off by telling me about his love of theater, and how he'd once won an award for his role in a musical. All of this was said in a very sing-songy, theatrical voice. There seemed to be a piece of him that was always performing. At some point, I abruptly changed the topic, and asked: "Is there a particular memory that comes to mind when you think of your youth?"
"Running outside without a watch," he answered.
"I like that!" I said. He sensed that he'd captured the interest of his audience, and lapsed back into full theater mode.
"With nothing to tell the time but the sun!" he said, looking up at the sky. "And nothing to call you home but the moon!" *

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